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We value our patients' experience at Bel-Ray Wellness Center. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Jonah McCandless


I always thought most people probably experienced back pain regularly and was surprised to see my x-rays that it wasn't just normal and could be helped. I feel like so far my lower back pain has improved and sometimes I don't feel it at all when it was always constant before. Now I keep telling my friends and husband they need to come and get x-rays so they can see why they have pain as well.

Rebecca D.


I feel I have made better progress than at any other chiropractor. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. The full plan is laid out and explained which is a welcome change from other places.

Cameron W.


I've made great progress! Everyone at Bel-Ray has been very supportive and helpful. I love having exercises I can do at home that will help keep the pain away. I would recommend Bel-Ray to anyone that has pain.

Stina H.


Feel Fantastic for the rest of the day after treatment, ball exercises have made a huge difference.

Mark S.


I struggled with lower back pain for months. some days it was managable, others I could barely walk but it was a pain and discomfort that I dealt with everyday. I hit a point of being done, frustrated with the pain and how it was affecting my life with my family. A friend referred me to Bel Ray Wellness. I've been a patient here for 6 weeks and the difference is unbelievable. I'm pan free on a daily basis and feel great. The treatment plan is simple and managable. I'm most impressed with the quality of care given from the Dr's and staff, they truly invest in each patient, providing valuable in formation and attention to get you to a pain free lifestyle.

Kimberly R.


Friends recommended Bel-Ray to me when I was truly suffering sciatica nerve pain. After initial consultation the decision was made to commence treatment. Subsequent visits have eliminated the pain. Suggested exercises have been continued which I feel are very beneficial. Bel-Ray's staff is outstanding, friendly, helpful, accommodating, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Bel-Ray Wellness Center with no hesitation.

Peg C


When I came to the center I would rate my pain at a 8-10. Now after treatments I have improved greatly. Pain being decreased to level 3-4 at worst level. I can now do my job/household tasks much easier. Thanks for the help.

Cheryl D


I have been adjusted many times before but still had pain in my back. After coming here I found I had a rib out of place. It hurt getting it put back in but after began to feel better. Since coming here back pain is not as frequent or as painful. I can definitely feel a difference in my back for the good.

Josh C


I came in with a lot of pain in the left hip due to a pinched nerve. After 10 visits the pain has stopped. I was having trouble sitting and sleeping, taking pain medication every day but now ice packs is all I need. The staff was very helpful and friendly.

Barbara T


I fell and know I have made great progress with the treatments, stretches, and exercises that Dr. Mccandless has given. I came in for an "angry" nerve in my left leg and with treatment - it's not as angry and not on my mind 24/7 as before. Lower back pain has improved as well. I'm back to biking and walking on a daily basis and it's absolutely great. The key for anyone is to stick with it and do those home exercises and stretches, don't skimp out on them. I would definitely recommend coming to Bel-Ray Wellness.

Suzanne W.


I have had a complete turn around, especially in my lower back. I went from barely getting up from a sitting or laying down position, because of the pain. Now I can get up freely without any pain at all. My upper back is also much better as well. Everyone here is very nice, and the chiropractor is very thorough and listens to what symptoms I have. I like the clicker approach instead of more hands on procedures.

Wayne S.


For one the staff is A+. The care I have received is excellent. Being in the military for 14 years, I thought my body was supposed to feel that way. Now I'm 100% no knee pain or upper back pain. Plus my slipped disks don't bother me as much.

Micheal R.


Before I came to the Bel-Ray Wellness Center I had lower back pain, mid-back pain, neck pain, and jaw pain. I started coming to see Dr. Breithaupt late may 2017 and have improved so much. My jaw pain I've had for over 20 years which I never thought could even get better, but it has. I sleep better and hardly get headaches anymore. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone come to the Bel-Ray Wellness Center.

Megan R.


I came in with headaches everyday. Now I have one maybe once a week and I am not treating it with medication. I also started coming a few weeks after giving birth to my second child. My low back was killing me and no medication or position would help with the pain. Now the pain is almost non existent!

Tiffany K.


To be perfectly honest, I was very apprehensive about going to see a chiropractor for the first time. I had heard that some of them keep you coming back, even if it’s unnecessary. I had even met a few that seemed rather sketchy, to me. Just entering the wellness center had me at ease. The moment you walk in the door, you are greeted with warm, friendly faces and happy attitudes. Everyone on staff made me feel welcome! As for my treatment, when I just hobbled in, I could barely move my neck without at least wincing. The doctor and I took some x-rays to see what was going on in order to suggest treatment. They made sure that everything was broken down and understandable. They even went as far as showing me the x-rays so I could see the problem. Over the next few weeks I progressively became better with their help and guidance. The more progress I made, the more exercises they taught me that I could do at home so that I didn’t have to come back, unless I choose to! Would I recommend the wellness center to people? Absolutely, especially to anyone that has questions or concerns, because I know they will be answered and addressed, and you will be better for it!

David B.


I have never been to a chiropractor before I sneezed at work and twisted a section of my spine. That is what caused me to come to Bel-Ray Wellness Center. It took a while to get in, but I was very glad I did. Moving my head from neutral hurt. Now, I have full range of motion in my neck and back. Thanks Bel-Ray staff!

Shawn A.


I started coming in due to constant headaches, 4-6 times a week. Within a few visits I noticed a huge difference in the stiffness in my neck and head pain. I would hands down recommend this office to my family and friends.

Shyann S.


My sons treatment has had a positive outcome and has made his mood swings go away. I know his spine will never be 100% because of his condition but he is willing to do the exercises and trying to walk more straight. He has told all his friends to get their backs done. He loves coming in.

Landyn G.


Since starting care here at the clinic I have seen significant improvement. I have had pretty severe TMJ since childhood, through treatment with Dr. Jeff my headaches are much less frequent. I also have much less neck pain. I love the staff. They are all seriously great. A very laid back atmosphere. I appreciate all of the tips for home and will miss seeing everyone when treatment is done.

Brandi C.


Before starting treatment I was in pain almost all of the time in my lower back. Sitting, standing, sleeping almost anything I did. Now there is no pain. I get sore now and then but that comes with the work I do. Now i can walk, sit, sleep, and drive all without the pain I was used to. It has been worth it all. My wife asks "What took you so long?"

Richard M.


Before I came to the Bel-Ray Wellness Clinic, there were days that I didn't want to get out of bed. After just a couple of visits the pain had decreased to almost non-existent. i had always ind of feared chiropractors, but you guys made me feel comfortable and like I wasn't just at a doctor's office. Thank you for fixing my pain and not making it a boring journey!

Tessa D.


Nine years ago I was in a car accident on my way to work. After that day I started to experience more problems in my back, especially in my lower back. There were many times when the pain was debilitating. I had seen a chiropractor a few times after the accident but stopped visits due to the cost and not having health insurance. Since then, I have had many jobs, high in stress, very physically demanding, and even ones where my health was put on the line. I was still experiencing occasional pain and some of those times worse than others. Then I began to develop TMJ and one day, last year, my jaw cracked and since then, I could hardly open my mouth to even eat. Since I had just started my job and officially had health insurance, I decided to give the chiropractor a try. I'd heard my people speak highly of their experiences and I had a gift certificate for the first visit. The relief from my neck pain was almost instant, although it was small, so I kept coming and sticking to the treatment plan. Since starting, I have seen gradual increases in amounts of sleep and energy and decreased levels of discomfort or pain. I tell everyone that I LOVE my chiropractor and I'm a believer! This is the best ind of self-care for my profession and I'm glad I started coming!

Laura V.


I have gone to chiropractors for decades. I was still in pain regularly, especially neck and low back. Dr. Jeff has changed my life. My neck and back feel much better. I've only been seeing him for a couple of months. This has truly been a life changing experience. My pain has been reduced by about 90% and I'm sure it will be completely gone very soon. I appreciate Dr. Jeff and his staff so much!

Kelli B.


I came to the wellness center with lover back pain. I was miserable, but skeptical. I'd only seen a chiropractor once before. I had a good experience, but the method used here was different. However, I'm so glad I cam here! My back pain is gone and I'm equipped with exercises to make my back stronger. Thanks!

Lori H.


I came in a little over a month ago because if severe shoulder pain in my left shoulder. I was unable to lift my arm above my head and couldn't do day activities along with having trouble doing my job. I work at a swim school and am very active, and I no longer could swim or lift kids out of the water. Within the last month my shoulder improved every week and now I can easily move it with no pain and am able to swim again with barely limited range of motion. Everyone at Bel-Ray Wellness has been so helpful and informational! I couldn't have asked for better care!

Micheala D.


I feel I have improved with understanding of how to get even better with the knowledge I've received here. The exercises. the insoles I wear, I'm more watchful of how I walk, stretch, sit. The treatments help I do understand that it is up to me to use this knowledge and all the exercises.

Pattie A.


When I first came in I had so much pain in my shoulder that I could barely function. The first few appointments left me sore but gave me better range of motion. Soon, I was feeling better than I had in a long time! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. If I ever have any questions or concerns that are quick to help.

Kristen K.


Before I started my care here, I could barely lift my legs up to me chest, I could hardly bend over without causing myself horrible pain. Dr. Jeff and Staff have helped me tremendously with my back pain and I've noticed that my headaches/migraines haven't returned since I've started coming here. Everyone has been so personable with my care and I have referred a lot of people here. Amazing!

Thank You!!

Chresea D.


I went from such sharp low back pain that I couldn't pick up a laundry basket off the floor without help from one of my kids to now it doesn't phase me, i do it without thinking. My husband has noticed and my kids have even commented "Your back must feel better, Mom." The care has been phenomenal. A great first experience with chiropractic care!

Alicia M.


I came to Bel-Ray Wellness for my hip. It was causing me so much pain, I was limping and taking medication that did very little to help. At my first appointment Dr. McCandless noted how much my hip was off and one leg was quite a bit shorter than the other. Now after less than a month, my legs are almost even every time. I know the combo of adjustments with my at home exercises are making me stronger resulting in little to no regular pain!

Ruth G.


The staff at Bel-Ray wellness clinic always made me feel welcome and comfortable. The time with Dr. Jeff was pleasant and entertaining at times. The ladies that helped with therapy were informative and made it as fun as possible. The progress that I've experienced has been remarkable and most of my pain and discomfort has gone away! Thank you Bel-Ray Wellness Center.

Jacob S.


Nearly 20 years ago I herniated a disc and later had surgery. Ever since, I have had back pain. In October of this year I stepped off of a sidewalk wrong and reinjured my back. The sciatic pain was very bad so I decided before I went to my MD I would come to Bel-Ray Wellness where some friends had recommended. Dr. McCandless did a full exam and x-rays and foot scan showing how off my pelvis was and how my leg was 1 and a quarter inches shorter. Through the adjustments and massages and exercises I am now "even"! And one of the most amazing things is I am off Naproxen altogether. Which I had taken for almost 20 years and was killing my stomach! I will continue my program and look forward to living pain free!

Becky N.


Before I came to Bel-Ray i had constant back pains. It wasn't till they got bad I decided to take action. Not only did they help fix my back, they also educated me on how to prevent future injuries. They have a great staff and are super friendly! Thank Bel-Ray!


"I feel weekly visits at first and exercises at home made a big difference. i appreciate the time this office took to show me the correct exercises and ways to exercise. The consistent appointments were very helpful. I appreciate the plan of action and appointments being made at the start of treatment."

"Callie H.


"When I came in for treatment I had significant lower back pain that kept me from some activities I was used to ding. I had limited range of motion and strength. Since treatment, i have felt relief from pain most days and have increased flexibility and strength in my lower back. I now have the exercises and tips top keep my pain low from here forward."

T. Brown


"My treatment has been a huge improvement to my neck and shoulder condition. My neck and shoulders were very stiff when I first started. I was also having dizzy spells. Now after 3 weeks of treatment I would say that I have improved by 70% and feel much better. I would also say the staff and treatment are top notch! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for help with pain relief and better quality of life."

D. Rushing


"I came to Bel-Ray Wellness center with high hopes but little expectations simply because I've seen so many doctors in search of relief of constant pain, headaches, and numbness. New offices make me nervous, but the staff were so welcoming and warm! Bel-Ray Wellness Center has made a world of difference in my ability to not only receive a quality adjustment but find my own relief in the stretches they've taught me an the different therapies I've received."

H. Plunkett


"Before I started coming to the wellness center I had headache and neck pain that would make me cry and sometimes even make me sick. Now after just a few visits with the doctor and physical therapist, I have very few headaches. I also can now move my neck without any pain! I now know how to sit at work and how all of my desk equipment should be placed. They also showed me stretches and exercises to do if anything starts to act up. I would like to say a big thank you to the doctors and staff for everything they do!"

T. Ford


"When we come into the office, we learn about how we shouldn't wait till we have pain. And that's EXACTLY what I did. Coming to Bel-Ray Wellness has been great. I've had a chance to learn about how to avoid pain in the future, how to maintain the adjustments that are made, how i should lay when I sleep, etc. The doctors have done a wonderful job ad i recommend the office to anyone - pain or not."

L. Peek


"I've always had problems with my knees and ankles, but when I woke up on day and couldn't walk, I knew I had to do something. I tried staying off my feet for two days, I took Ibuprofen, I iced, I tried heat, I also tried to massage out the swelling, nothing seemed to be helping so my mom brought me into the Bel-Ray Wellness clinic. After only TWO treatments I could almost walk 100% without pain. I was amazed at the progress and greatly relieved because my job demands a lot of physical movement on my feet. I couldn't be happier with my results! Thank you all so much!"

M. Reynolds


"Being a student in two physical activity classes and a Black-belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, I experienced quite a bit of soreness at the end of the day. It would make it quite difficult to complete my school work and get up the next morning. Thanks to the easy to learn and easy to practice techniques I was taught, my regiment has become a lot easier to handle. I recommend this treatment to those going through the same pain I did, regardless of age."

M. Klinkenberg


"I had a dull pain in my lower back that would interrupt my sleep. After my first week of treatment the pain was greatly reduced. As I continue treatment and physical therapy I rarely have any pain. Thank you for the long needed education on how to take care of my spine so I can live an active life for years to come."

S. Smith


"When I first came to Dr. McCandless, I was in pain from the top of my head down past my shoulder blades. My family members would take turns massaging me but the pain remained. Dr. McCandless took x-rays and I couldn't believe what he showed me, and I couldn't believe he said the x-ray was my spine! The curvature in my neck was curving the wrong way! After the pro adjuster and specific exercises, I'm painless - pain free. Thank you, Dr. McCandless. I've been sharing this great news with anyone that will listen.

D. Brown


"I feel much better and can stand for a long period of time without pain. It feels great to work without pain."

J. Hill


"Since I have started treatment I have noticed a major improvement. I have fewer headaches, my back doesn't hurt as much, and my posture has improved. I look forward to my treatment days because everybody is so nice, and they explain everything so I can understand."

M. Thompson


"Through the few weeks of corrective care at Bel-Ray Wellness Center, I've already noticed significant improvement with my mobility and strength. The doctors and staff have provided quality service and the tools needed for me to continue improvement without being dependent on them alone. They have set me up for success and I can tell the ALL genuinely care!"

A. Brown


The pain in my hip has greatly improved. I am feeling so much better! I have enjoyed the care that I have received both from the treatment but also from the staff. They are all amazing!"

"I really appreciate the education and therapy to work on at home. Most doctors just just send you out the door after an adjustment. Here, they give you the skills and knowledge to continue to feel good and continue to improve."

K. Benbow


"I would have to be one of the stronger "stress tests" for Dr. McCandless and his techniques. I'll carry as much as 3000lbs of material one day and spend 8 hours in a truck the next. I've seen immediate and lasting results and couldn't be more pleased with my results. Thank you."

C. Jones

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